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New Adoptive Parents

Whether you recently adopted a child or have been successfully matched for an adoption, this site will help you in this time of transition. Children of all ages are adopted, and as we prepa... [more]

Adoption Books: Parenting

In addition to books about general parenting, our adoptive families rely on information that deals with the circumstances of our children’s adoptions. These can include their historie... [more]

Importance of Nurturing the Adopted Infant

Human newborns are much more emotionally and psychologically developed than they are often given credit for! Research has shown that an infant recognizes the mother who has given birth to hi... [more]

Infant & Baby Care

Maybe you are a new parent, teen parent, or a parent of three with a big age gap between your baby and his/her immediate sibling, the simple fact is that you are interested in information p... [more]

Parenting Tips for Mothers

Doctors know more. Therapists know more. Teachers know more. In many situations, parents are thought to know less than the "specialists." Not only is it frustrating and humiliating... [more]

12 Adoptive & Fostering Parenting Tips

Most of you remember learning skills for successful fostering and adopting during your foster parent training. These are invaluable skills that will help you to be better foster and adoptiv... [more]

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